How to choose your SEO agency?

SEO Agency

Choosing the best SEO company is a vital first step in any business web marketing strategy. Search engine optimization can be a mine-field and it needs to be approached with a clear objective and solid foundation with a custom strategy for your business industry and needs of your clients. It is important to be aware that simply optimizing a website for Google and other search engines it doesn’t mean it will attract the targeted visitors that you hope to convert into customers.

With the rapidly changing methods and criteria that Google uses to rank websites, it is vital that the SEO agency you use understands the leading-edge tactics to maximize your efforts. Techniques like the usage of Google My Business that will feature your site in your local area as well as verifying it as a legitimate business will ensure that your website business listings that will show up before organic search engine results. There are unique SEO methods that need to be done correctly to make sure this happens.

Here are some items you should determine before hiring an SEO professional:

How will the SEO firm establish the list of keywords that will be the targeted?

Keyword research is an extremely important element of the SEO strategy. An expert SEO will understand the process of determining the best keywords to target both in the short-term and long-term depending on competition and buyer intent.

Will the SEO strategy include an analysis of the website?

Any respectable SEO firm will be provide an initial analysis of the existing website and formulate recommendations on improving it. Site design aesthetic has no impact on search engine optimization although if the website in not engaging and the visitor leaves quickly, the bounce rate can become an issue in the ranking.

Will they also analyze the competition?

The SEO Company needs to understand your competitors as much as you do otherwise they won’t know how to target your customers and outrank the competition.

Will the SEO firm be writing your web content or will they use existing content?

If the search marketing firm doesn’t employ their own SEO copywriting services, then it is best you look elsewhere.

Does they have a SEO link strategy for your site?

It may seem obvious but this is the foundation of the SEO process. The inbound link campaign is the most crucial since it not only carries the most weight for factoring results, but if done improperly, can result in the website being penalized and even deindexed.

A competent search marketing agency will spend the time with you to understand your needs and your customer needs so that they may provide a proper analysis as well as developing an SEO campaign. If they only have the same cookie-cutter plan before they have discussed your business with you and conducted their research, then there is a high likelihood that the campaign will be unsuccessful. The company needs to know about your business before a keyword discussion can even begin.

If you can establish the above items, then you will be off to a great start.

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