Top 2 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Need to Invest in Email Marketing Strategies

Many ambitious entrepreneurs want to make their mark in the marketplace. However, very few of them know how to go about achieving their objective. Prominent industry experts say they focus their attention on implementing an effective email marketing strategy. It can act as a catalyst in helping them attract new customers to their businesses. Only then can they expect to gain the competitive edge over their rivals in this environment.

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Is worthwhile for entrepreneurs to invest in a viable email marketing strategy?

These professionals point out that these businessmen need to understand an important fact. Most people spend more 80% of their time browsing through messages on their smartphones. There is always a good chance that many of them are likely to respond to such information. Recent research shows 3 individuals out of every 5 read their emails 9 times a day. It makes sense of such proprietors to spend their time and money on this marketing strategy. They further explain the following 2 important reasons why email marketing is necessary for them:


Email marketing is the most cost-effective advertisement channels for start-up entrepreneurs to expand their market operations. These businessmen can expect lucrative returns on their investments within a very short time. Studies show for every $ 1 they spend on this platform; they can easily earn $44.

Measurable results

Email marketing allows businessmen to measure the effectiveness of any promotional campaign they launch instantly. They can then alter their strategies to get the necessary results. Moreover, they can do all this within a very short time. No other advertisement channel can give them this advantage.

Start-up entrepreneurs need to understand investing in email marketing is a necessity for them. They just need to go through the above 2 important reasons. They’ll come to realise the validity of this fact. It clears any doubts they may have about this advertisement channel. These proprietors won’t regret making this decision.